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Grazing tables are the latest food trend that is here to stay. Their popularity has gone through the roof! And the reason why? Not only are these tables fabulous, they also create the “WOW!” factor you don't get with a sit-down meal. In fact, most grazing tables are masterpieces that look almost too good to eat. Grazing tables are fun, informal, colourful and flavoursome. Bring your event to the next level by creating the ambience that keeps attendees networking and guests mingling and feasting around a central spread filled with delicious, fresh food. Grazing tables really come into their own after a wedding ceremony before guests attend the reception and for late night nibbles when everyone one has worked up an appetite from the dance floor. We at The Long Table Perth want to not only create the essence of your event, we want to introduce you and your guests to some of the most delicious and tantalising grazing table foods. We source local ingredients from local producers and we cater for small gatherings to large events. From corporate meetings and business events to weddings and birthdays, our aim is to create something beautiful for you and your guests. A carefully crafted grazing table will unite your guests in conversation and make it a gathering that will be remembered for a long time.

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