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The perfect culinary companion, ideal for COOKS and CHEFS in home kitchens or restaurants. We also sell a lot to HANDYMEN, VETS, DENTISTS, TRADIES, FARMERS… since the torch can also be used for soldering, heating or welding - anywhere that constant or variable heat is required. • new Model: JOBON / ZICO • 4 flame burners for even flow • slim easy-grip handle • nicely gift boxed • colours – silver, grey, blue, gold. • twelve-month warranty You can burn a powerful blue flame right down to a softer and cooler standard yellow flame and the flame temperature adjuster allows precise adjustment and control of the flame type, length and strength so that you can burn a powerful 1300 degree c / 2450 f. The 10-gram fuel tank holds enough butane for over half an hour of continuous use. A great product and a useful tool. Call (03) 624 89002 _________________ Price: • professional 4 flame jet torch (already gassed) - $70 • gas refill: $24 • pack: torch + one refill - $90 • freight – approximately $10 or $13 for 2-3 units. Ask re larger orders. _________________ Payment:

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