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MAUSSIE FOODS & CATERING COME EXPERIENCE AN AUTHENTIC MAURITIAN FOOD EXPERIENCE Maussie Foods & Catering provides an authentic unique mauritian food experience when you dine in. Step into the exotic decor and be swept into a tropical paradise. Listen to the mellow sega tunes in the background while you indulge in an exquisitely delicious food journey. Maussie Foods & Catering also delivers fresh Mauritian food to retail partners, and we also sell packaged and fresh products inhouse. CATERING PARTY TIME!! Maussie Foods & Catering can cater to any party or event irrespective of how big or small. We specialize in catering with personalised service and special menus on request. In our menu palette, you'll discover unique and sophisticated tastes - all of which will help you uncover the true greatness of the Mauritian cuisine. Tell us about your event at

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