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Welcome! Hello, I'm Anna. There are two things I love most in my life; my three children and eating and cooking good food. Food full of flavour, texture and delicious with the bonus of it nourishing and nurturing us. Food is about a sense of occasion to share our food with others. It is my great pleasure to share my product with you. I created Lick Like Love because I am passionate about making use of quality ingredients, and the local Australian produce we are blessed with in this beautiful country. With numerous years of travel and exploring the world, my love of food has grown. I have been making dukkah since 2013, the recipe evolving over that time and taking on many different nut and spice combinations. Now the mixture of nuts, seeds and spices is perfectly complemented with salt and pepper so that it is truly delicious. Offering the best tasty and delicious DUKKAH sprinklings to each and every meal, to be shared and loved by all. A unique recipe to make your tastebuds sing using quality ingredients. Bring the passion to your plate and let your taste buds do the talking.

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