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We can bring Japan to your home. Cater Japanese home meal, fresh made and frozen food, and sweets, anything you wish on your dining table. Also teaching Japanese language and culture which will increase your culinary senses to really enjoy your favourite dish. 70% Qoin and 30% Cash (from 1st of August 2021) Minimum 8people Max 20people Adults from $50/p.p (or ,$70/p.p for premium request) deliver platters also available (within 10mins from surfers) hot platters $80 cold or sushi platters $70 Catering AVAILABLE AREA WITHIN 25 KM FROM SURFERS PARADISE (pimpama to tweed) Depends on how many people, all you need to prepare is table setting for your guest and room in a fridge (1 shelf) and kitchen counter space to work on and also plates that i can put the foods on, some small dipping sauce bowls and small tongs.???? (but if you do not have them, i can prepare so do not buy ??) I will ask to use oven and stove and washing area. menu example: $50 egg potato sesame mayo salad edamame & crispy lotus soft milk bread gyoza pork dumpling egglant steak with sweet and sour. karaage chicken with mayo steamed breast chicken with shallot sauce fried rice/sushi rolls dessert I will be at your place 1 hour prior to the request dinner time. (or lunch time)

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