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So is the true bliss in life! Private in home Chef Private chef for Small Group Functions and Retreats Food Prep and Active Lifestyle Food Coach Demonstrator My ethos is to inspire and teach others from my own practices and learning. How to create from where we are and what we already have. Living clean, lean and healthy, with no boring bits. As an award winning chef, i found myself resenting the Souc chef roll i had achieved. I set out to embrace life and its wonders, trialing and testing all elements of health and wellness. Here i was thinking i was in my element, living my best! only to find out i was intolerant to 50% of my current diet. I and so many of us today do not want life or our plate to be boring so i created "Naughty but Nice Cookbook" and "De La Nada -Life Style Cooking Coaching". Now you can "Have your cake and eat it too!" How about we have a Free 20 minute phone consult to see how i can best help you "Live your best" with ease. Call/ text 0467095827 or email

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