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Delicious southern, home style BBQ Food - cooked for you at your venue. This is not your typical Australian BBQ. There is nothing quite like the taste of food from our American style BBQ. Our meat is cooked in the traditional American BBQ style from the south (Mississippi, Alabama ... ) Our food is smoked & slow cooked. We dry rub and marinate the meat in our own home-made secret recipe marinades. All meat is cooked for at least 14 hours. We offer the following as the norm but are open to your requests: * Hickory Smoked and slow cooked beef brisket, pulled pork, lamb shoulder & chicken wings * Beef & Pork ribs * Baguette Rolls (Po Boys) * Home made BBQ sauces & smoky gravy * Home made salads & coleslaw * Home made Veggie burgers * Battered corn cobbettes * Home made corn-bread muffins Baked potatoes served with cheese and coleslaw & sour cream We cater for parties, corporate events, family gatherings, weddings and private functions .... Yes we can cook for vegetarians - they will love our home made Veggie burgers and baked potato with cheese coleslaw & sour cream. Depending on the size of the event, we are prepared to travel. We currently cover the North East of Victoria. (That means, as far north as the NSW border down to Seymour and from Shepperton in the east to Mt. Beauty). Give me a call, Keith Lesser 0424 635 385

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