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We believe that food is more than something you consume, it is the very essence of every gathering. It unites strangers and friends alike and sets the scene for the greatest of memories. We, at Black Swan Catering Co, want to not only create the essence of your event, we want to introduce you and your guests to some of the most delicious and tantalising corporate catering and grazing table foods. Black Swan Catering Co built its reputation on its grazing tables as The Long Table Perth, recommended by Urbanlist as one of the Top Ten Grazing Tables in Perth. Now, you can enjoy the same menu in your corporate board rooms without having to order a full grazing table. We source local ingredients from local producers and cater for small gatherings to large events. From corporate meetings and business events to weddings and birthdays, our aim is to create something beautiful for you and your guests or team members. Whether it be a carefully crafted grazing table or a selection beautifully served in a corporate box, the food served will unite your guests in conversation, creating an event or meeting that will be remembered.​

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