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Located in Bunbury, my service offers exquisite tasting grazing boxes, platters and tables perfect for any occasion. Designed with your favourite nibblys, Bites N Pieces' provides beautiful looking boards, well put together which is the thing of beauty, like an overflowing harvest of little delicacies that all look so inviting you don't know what to try. A grazing board is all the fashion these days when it comes to entertaining it seems. Back in the day, we called it a cheese board or a cheese platter, or just dip and nibbles - showing my age! You got some cubes of cheddar, a few slices of cabanossi and crackers. Done. For me, a grazing board is the same theory as a cheese platter - just a fresh, pimped up version! More than a cheese board, more than a charcuterie board, it's a lovely array of little bites that look so inviting, you don't know what to try first! Inquire today!

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